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Standardised programming & resources developing specific Elements of your practice.

Available for purchase & download – tested tools & methodology for elements such as:

  • The squat (mobility)
  • The Pancake (mobility)
  • Beginner to intermediate handstands
  • Breathing techniques & abdominal control
For personalised programming with close support & guidance, see the Online Support program.

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5 Focused routines unlocking your movement potential

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Free Prehabilitation Program:

  • 5 focused routines to mobilise and develop the physical preparedness of joint articulations and connective tissue.
  • Covering the macro & micro: from hips, shoulders, elbows and knees to the vertebrae, phalanxes & phalanges.
  • A specialised program to develop the integrity, resiliency, and potential of the body’s fundamental movement junctions.

Fundamental Prehab program