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Standardised programming for specific movement elements. Available for purchase & download.

Daily Practice (Phase 1)

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Daily programming for home practice - no equipment required. Designed to develop your physical movement potential.

This practice provides fundamental programming to begin your Movement Practice at home.  It has been designed with three goals in mind:

  1. To facilitate movement through your full ranges DAILY
  2. To empower & equip you to practice independently DAILY
  3. To develop your general physical movement potential

No equipment is required (overhead hanging point and tennis ball are optional). This practice is progressive and supports beginner to advanced practitioners. No experience is required.

A 4-page .pdf with all material video-linked to private resources. It contains:

  • ‘Morning Practice/Movement Snack’: a 20-30 minute session taking you through your full ranges focused on spine, scapula, squat, & ‘softening’. Can be practiced daily.
  • ‘Movement Projects’: tasks which will challenge your patience, frustration-management, and ability to ‘de-ambition’. They also develop fine motor-control and structural awareness. To practice 2-4x per week (15-30 mins).
  • ‘Physical Practice’: a progressive routine consisting of fundamental movement frames whose practice will develop your general movement potential. Can be completed in a single 45min – 2 hour session or also practiced in ‘split’ session. It covers:
    • Prehabilitation & preparation
    • Upper-body strength & mobility
    • Lower-body complexity
    • Large-frame mobility
    • Emptying & Softening
    • Unlimited access to video resources. 

If you are looking to complexify your physical training beyond simply ‘working out’ and toward a developmental pracitce, if you need a comprehensive, progressive, and flexible program, if you want to explore and improve your general movement potential, daily practice is for you.

This practice develops the fundamental foundations for beginners as well challenging experienced practitioners with its progressive content. As a generalist program, it will affect all aspects of your movement, from improvements in your sporting performance or discipline to your general quality of life.

  • Price: £50.- (GBP) limited time only
  • Payment via bank transfer or Paypal (+6%). Please complete order form below.
  • You will be emailed the .pdf containing all material upon cleared payment.

Breathing & Diaphragm

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Identify & improve dysfunctional breathing, revive your diaphragm, improve performance, health, and well-being.

A progressive practice to develop awareness and control of breathing & the diaphragm.  It is designed for beginner to advanced practitioners – no experience is requiredExtensive programming is supported by exclusive MoveMore video resources (not available anywhere else).

‘Breathing & Diaphragm’ provides material for a lifetime of practice. With consistency, it can significantly improve performance, health, and your psychological well-being.

  • Access to 21 new and exclusive videos detailing over 70 different drills and techniques for ‘Breathing & Diaphragm’ practice. These are linked in the .pdf’s and not accessible through any other platform.
  • 14 different ‘scenario’ programs. Whether to improve performance, manage stress, or support general well-being, choose how YOU want to practice according to your level and goals. All programming is video & time-code linked in your program’s .pdf format.
  • Extensive supporting documentation:
    • 1. An Introduction to ‘Breathing & Diaphragm’ (7-page .pdf introducing the package & further reading/resources)
    • 2. Influences & Perspectives (13-page .pdf giving you a fundamental understand of this package and of breath & diaphragmatic training in general. Includes further reading & resources).
    • 3. Notes on Video Resources (29-page .pdf with extensive supporting notes to ensure correcting understanding and performance of all tools and exercises).
    • 4. Scenario Programming (14 programs ranging from ’15-20 minutes for focus’ and ‘Conditioning for Breathing & Movement’ to ’90-120 minutes Breathing & Diaphragm Practice’. Practice according to your needs, level, and goals.
  • Lifetime access to all material.

Anyone interested in beginning or furthering their exploration into diaphragm & breath-training. Practice is progressive from beginner to advances & no experience is required.

  • Physical practitioners & athletes – see improved performance in your sport or discipline. Recover quicker and stay calm & focused in the game of play. Whether a martial artist, runner, CrossFitter or dancer, see long-term benefits across the board.
  • High-stress lifestyles: your breathing is directly linked to your psychological and emotional state. Working in a fast-paced, competitive, and high-stress world WILL take its toll if you do not recognise and manage symptoms. See your focus and energy increase by incorporating as little as 15 minutes a day of Breathing & Diaphragm practice into your schedule.
  • Managing respiratory & gastrointestinal symptoms: as a former severe asthma sufferer, I now manage my symptoms through regular Breathing & Diaphragm practice. Whilst this package is NOT designed for medical treatment, many tools are proven to alleviate symptoms of certain respiratory conditions and also gastrointestinal discomforts.
  • Enthusiasts and current practitioners: this package provides beginners with practical, objective, and accessible tools to begin their individual exploration. For those who are already practicing breath-work or a discipline in which attention to breathing is a core component, these tools are hoped to feed back into your practice and enhance it.
  • Price: £245.- (GBP)
  • Lifetime access to all resources & programming
  • Payment via bank transfer or Paypal (+6%). Please complete the payment form.
  • You will be emailed a .zip file containing all material in .pdf format upon cleared payment.

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Elements for: 'Sedentary Workers'

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A 'workout' does NOT cut it. You need a program that regains your fundamentally human ranges and maintains them.

Some quick facts...

  • The majority of my work is online. I am on the laptop 6-10 hours a day 5-6 days a week. This is sedentary work
  • With years of experience in office jobs, I understand the difficulties of reconciling sedentary work and an active personality.
  • You need programming that is short and effective. A ‘workout’ does NOT cut it. You need a program that regains your fundamentally human ranges and maintains them.
  • ‘Elements for Sedentary Workers’ will provide standardised programming to mitigate the effects of sedentary work. Register your interest to be updated on its release.


Alternatively, for personalised programming with close support & guidance, see the Online Support program.

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5 Focused routines unlocking your movement potential

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Free Prehabilitation Program:

  • 5 focused routines to mobilise and develop the physical preparedness of joint articulations and connective tissue.
  • Covering the macro & micro: from hips, shoulders, elbows and knees to the vertebrae, phalanxes & phalanges.
  • A specialised program to develop the integrity, resiliency, and potential of the body’s fundamental movement junctions.

Fundamental Prehab program